Social and Behavioral Sciences presentations at APHA conference

Published: December 11th, 2018

Category: Featured

Many members of the Social and Behavioral Sciences concentration, both students and faculty, presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, held in November in San Diego, CA.

  • Elizabeth Wood – “Addressing violence in rural Tajikistan.”
  • Kelly Chapman and Elizabeth Wood – “Water insecurity knowledge, attitudes, and practices among Haitian women in rural Haiti.”
  • Samantha Bodner, Maria Bolanos, Nicole Cruz,and Mark Hart – “Perceptions of gun violence as a public health issue as seen through social media.”
  • Maria Bolanos, Samantha Bodner, Nicole Cruz, and Mark Hart – “Evaluation of public health program(s) targeting gun violence.”
  • Christopher Blanco, Nichole Stetten, Mark Hart, Sarah Hanson, and Juliet Fetteroll – “Perception of medical marijuana usage for people with multiple sclerosis as seen through social media.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Mark Hart, Kelsea LeBeau, and Samantha Bodner – “Factors associated with successful reintegration of sex trafficking survivors from the survivor perspective.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Annika Czizik, Mark Hart, and Nichole Stetten – “Misconceptions of pornography and sex trafficking: How social media reflects attitudes of the general public.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Annika Czizik, Mark Hart, and Nichole Stetten – “Twitter and porn: America runs on porn. How social media reflects the public health issue of pornography.”
  • Alexis Jennings and Irene Estores – “Focus groups to qualitatively analyze how race impacts the patient preference of Integrative Health among cancer patients.”
  • Lindsey King, Carol Lewis, Donna Marie Ritchie, and Mark Hart – “Implementation and evaluation of a school-based, teacher-led mindfulness intervention as part of a trauma-responsive, resilient community initiative.”
  • Allison Myers, Nichole Stetten, Amanda Ojeda, and Mark Hart – “Perceptions of medical marijuana usage for people in Florida as seen through social media.”

SBS APHA presenters

Top left: Chris Blanco, top right: Kelsea LeBeau, bottom left: Maria Bolanos and Nicole Cruz, bottom right: Elizabeth Wood