Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Registration Policies



Course Extension

If a participant does not complete the course within the allowed 6 month time frame, the course will expire and the participant will no longer have access to the course. Based on individual circumstances participants can request an extension on a monthly basis and will be charged an administrative fee of $250 per month.

Voluntary Suspension Policy

Participants may request a one-time voluntary suspension whereby the participant will be removed from the course for a specific period of time (not to exceed 6 months) and will be readmitted to the program (for an administrative fee of $250) in order to complete the remainder of their 6 month enrollment.

Withdrawal Policy

A tuition refund will be granted after written request for withdrawal from a course within 30 days of enrollment. This request must be in writing, and may be sent by fax, email, or U.S. mail. All requests will receive written responses. Refunds will be the amount of tuition, less a $50.00 processing charge. Allow four to six weeks for refund checks. No refunds are granted after 30 days. If you are an existing participant and would like to request any of the options listed above please send an email to the program.

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