Geriatric Care Management Departmental Application

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Care Management! Please complete the following departmental application.

Your application to the program will be reviewed once both the departmental application and the UF application are received and processed.

Please note that this program consists of 4 required courses, and one optional practical experience course. The required courses are:

  • GEY 6220 – Overview of Geriatric Care Management (offered in Spring)
  • GEY 6306 – Communication in the Aging Network: Family Systems and Care Planning (offered in Summer A, the first half of the full summer semester)
  • GEY 5935 – Ethical, Legal & Business Aspects of Geriatric Care Management (offered in Summer B, the second half of the full summer semester)
  • GEY 6646 – Issues & Concepts in Gerontology (offered in Fall)

Based on course offerings, it is possible to complete this program in one calendar year.