Trauma and Resiliency Courses

Course Schedule (Fall 2018)



Spring PHC 6937: Trauma Informed Approaches for Individuals, Communities, and Public Health
Summer PHC 6937: Building Resiliency in Individuals and Communities for Public Health
Fall *PHC 6410: Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health

Course Descriptions



PHC 6937 This course will provide students (1) an overview of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the trauma-informed approach; (2) the opportunity to design and implement public health interventions to prevent ACEs and treat trauma using the social ecological model; and (4) practical instruction in the grant writing process.
PHC 6937 This course will provide (1) an overview of resilience and how resilience-building approaches are applied in public health; (2) an examination of resilience-building efforts through a review of public health literature; and (3) the opportunity to design and implement a communication campaign to build resilience using social ecological model.
PHC 6410 This course offers a broad introduction to the application of social and behavioral sciences in public health. This course will provide foundational knowledge of the major social and behavioral science models and theories, and will guide students in the application of these theories to real-world public health challenges.