Michael Moorhouse

Dr_MoorhousePhD, CRC
Clinical Assistant Professor

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Dr. Mike Moorhouse has a joint appointment in the College of Public Health and Health Professions as the Director (.75 FTE) of the Bachelor of Health Science program and as a Clinical Assistant Professor (.25) in the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health (BSCH). Following several years working in the addiction field, he received his PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Florida (2008) and completed a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship (2008-2010) within the BSCH department.

Dr. Moorhouse has a broad range of research interests which can be categorized across two general areas – instrument development and risky substance abuse behaviors. His primary research focuses on validating innovative health science instruments for research and clinical use. Trained extensively in Item Response Theory, specifically Rasch analysis by Dr. Craig Velozo, Dr. Moorhouse has collaborated with PHHP colleagues to expand or develop a variety of measures, such as the Computer Adaptive Measure of Functional Cognition for Traumatic Brain Injury (CAMFC-TBI) and the Phases Instrument, a non-compensation recovery measure for people with spinal cord injuries. In addition to his measurement research, Dr. Moorhouse has continued his work in substance abuse. And currently serves as a Co-Investigator on two NIH projects: Creating a Tobacco Cessation Program for People with Disabilities: A CBPR Approach (PI – Pomeranz) and Developing a Better Assessment of Hookah Use among Young Adults (PI – Barnett). Additionally, Dr. Moorhouse has recently expanded his research agenda by conceptualizing an innovative approach to understanding hazardous college drinking behavior and negative health outcomes.